After several years of experience in development cooperation and the aroma industry, we decided to found Alambica GmbH in 2009.

Our philosophy

The following goals and principles are important to us:

  • A range of high quality and purely natural products with a focus on products from organically controlled cultivation available from stock
  • Promotion of suppliers with a socially-just commitment
  • Fair prices and fast delivery
  • Flexibility and competent advice
  • Compliance with legislation (e.g. safe packaging, correct labelling, detailed documentation)

Why essential oils?

On the one hand, what fascinates us about essential oils is their wide range of uses, be it in cosmetics, as natural flavours in the food industry or as active ingredients in the pharmaceutical industry. On the other hand, essential oils are the optimal product for development cooperation. On average, essential oils make up about 1-2 % of the plant. Therefore, a large volume of raw material is needed, which promotes agriculture in developing countries. By processing them locally as well, a very concentrated, high-quality product then remains for transport to Switzerland.

Who we are

Pierre Geiser
Dipl. Lebensmittelingenieur FH

Carina Geiser
MSc Biologie
Universit├Ąt Z├╝rich